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Friday, October 31st
497 years ago today, on October 31, 1517, Martin Luther famously nailed his 95 Theses to the Castle Church door in Wittenberg, Germany, kick-starting the Protestant Reformation. Nearly 500 years...
Tuesday, October 28th
So, tonight, Twisted Scripture Number 43, which happens to be the verse John 17:21.  Now, this verse is used out of context all the time by a lot of people pushing ecumenicalism.  This is a favorite...
Tuesday, October 28th
New Radio and TV Programs Launched. Big week here at WVW-Radio and WVW-TV. We have these new exclusive programs of which most are produced by WVW-Radio & TV. Thank you for supporting our...
Tuesday, October 28th
No Compromise TV with Mike Abendroth (Inaugural Program) filmed from our Memphis, TN studio: Watch this program now before it...
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Recent Articles

Sunday, October 19th
Author(s): Michael Synder

Barack Obama and the head of the CDC need to quit saying that we know exactly how Ebola spreads.  Because the truth is that there is much about this virus that we simply do not know.  For example, a top Ebola scientist that is working in the heart of the outbreak in Liberia says that this version of Ebola looks like it could be "a very different bug" from past versions.  Other leading scientists are echoing his concerns.  And yet Barack Obama and Thomas Frieden continue to publicly proclaim that we know precisely how this virus behaves.  Not only is that bad science, but it could also...

Sunday, October 19th
Author(s): Mike Riccardi

Jonathan Edwards’ life, thought, and theology was dominated by the glory of God. Edwards argued extensively that God is chiefly concerned with His glory—manifesting the beauty of His perfections—and therefore all His creatures should be concerned with His glory as well. This commitment would shape Edwards’ entire theology, even as it related to theodicy and theology proper, the Calvinist-Arminian debate, the Christian’s pursuit of holiness, and the centrality of the affections in the Christian life. Indeed, it is no overstatement to say, along with one church historian, “No theologian in the...

Sunday, October 19th
Author(s): Worldview Weekend News Team

WVW-TV Presents: The Lies About Islam in America’s Textbooks (Program 2) with Usama Dakdok:watch now as a ministry of Worldview Weekend and Worldview Weekend Foundation before it rolls into the Situation Room for members only.Click here now:

Sunday, October 19th
Author(s): Cliff Kincaid

The nephew of the black African who brought Ebola to the United States doesn’t blame his uncle. He blames us. He writes in The Dallas Morning News that his uncle did everything right in Liberia, but still got Ebola, and wasn’t treated correctly in the U.S. The claim is that he had a right to be on U.S. soil and that it’s our fault he’s dead. I suspect this is how President Barack Obama views Ebola. How else do you explain his opposition to a common-sense ban on travel to the U.S. by people from Ebola-infected countries? Tragically, Obama’s alternative is for the U.S. to become infected. Then...

Sunday, October 19th
Author(s): James Simpson

In late August and early September, hospitals across the nation began reporting an explosion of severe respiratory illnesses among children. Children’s Hospital Colorado treated about 3,600 children [1] between August 18 and September 24, and at least 692 since [2]. On September 5th, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital saw a one day record [3] of 540 kids. The emergency room was filled to capacity [4]. Mobile, Alabama’s USA Children’s and Women’s Hospital reported 340 cases [5] by September 12th. Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri had seen 450 patients as of September 7th, 60 of...

Sunday, October 19th
Author(s): Phyllis Schlafly

Americans against amnesty are not only worried about unemployed Mexicans crossing our southern border illegally to take U.S. jobs. More than ever, we need the fence that Congress voted for and President George W. Bush made a television photo event when he signed it into law. Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) said that at least ten ISIS thugs have crossed our southern border. Hunter added, if we caught ten, “you know there are going to be dozens more that did not get caught by the Border Patrol.” Rep. Tom Cotton (R-AR) says the Islamic State, ISIS, is actively working with Mexican drug cartels to...

Saturday, October 18th
Author(s): Worldview Weekend News Team

Special Offer: Join the Worldview Weekend Situation Room at and we will send you 20 Worldview Weekend DVDs that have a retail value of $300. These are sent to you free of charge as our way of saying thank you for joining the Worldview Weekend Situation Room: The World’s Premier Online Biblical Worldview Radio and Television Network. You can join now Do You Want to Understand The Times Through a Biblical Worldview? The Worldview Weekend Situation Room is Where Members Understand The Times Through a Biblical Gain...

Wednesday, October 15th
Author(s): Steve Burchett

I’m risking sounding old-fashioned, uninventive, or the promoter of something that “just won’t work these days,” but here’s my conviction: We should read even large sections of Scripture when the church meets.   A Concise Biblical History   Throughout the Bible, God expected His people to hear His word read publically, and we have a few instances of that actually happening. Here are most of the references to relevant passages and verses I have discovered, with some brief comments. I hope you’ll read each passage or verse:   Exodus 24:3-7 – The first public reading of God’s word in the Bible...


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