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Monday, September 29th
Dear Kirk Cameron – At the outset let me mention that I celebrated your excellent labors with respect to the movie, Fireproof, when it was released. As a husband, father of six children, and pastor,...
Monday, September 29th
I use “worship leader” in the vernacular sense of the guy who leads the music. Of course, musical worship is only a smidgen of the worship that happens on Sunday. It’s one candle in the worship array...
Saturday, September 27th
Egyptian Expert on Islam Warns of Growing Jihad in America 9 Days Before Oklahoma Beheading by Muslim. See What Else He Says is Coming to America. Wath now before this program rolls into the...
Friday, September 26th
Breaking News!  Just Released; Free App for IPhone, IPad, and Android. The Best Way to Stream Our Radio and Television Ministry Programs, Read News, and Articles. Please post to your FB page, tweet,...
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Recent Articles

Tuesday, September 23rd
Author(s): Worldview Weekend News Team

WVW-TV Presents: How We Know The Bible is True with Mike Riddle. Watch now before this program rolls into the Situation Room for members only. Watch now at

Tuesday, September 23rd
Author(s): Dr. Thomas Ice

Recently Joel McDurmon of Gary DeMar’s American Vision has posted a couple of anti-pre-trib rapture articles emphasizing how scary he thinks belief in the blessed hope has become.  In the process of citing these horror stories, he spewed the following venom against dispensationalism:   This is why modern-day Dispensationalists “support Israel” at all cost, yet you will never catch one of them trying to convert Jews.  They never preach the gospel to the Jews—they believe it is futile.  It is more important that Jews return to Israel and build a Temple so that two thirds of them may be killed...

Monday, September 22nd
Author(s): Tom DeWeese

Who are these None governmental Organizations (NGOs) shock troops and how do they operate? It’s a vast matrix composed of both the private NGO groups and representatives of the UN and representatives of a large number of US federal agencies – all working together behind the scenes, quietly making policy for the rest of us. And when I attempt to expose them, they vehemently deny there is any collusion – “pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.” Sorry, the truth is – this is how it works. No vote. No public input. Just the enforcement of an agenda through the willing participation of...

Monday, September 22nd
Author(s): Ken Ham

The Christian Post recently reported on a podcast that featured creator Tyler Francke. (Please note the first eight minutes of the podcast are extremely vulgar and the entire podcast contains offensive language. Because this podcast received exposure in Christian media, I had one of our researchers listen to it. After receiving a report on the vulgar nature of part of the discussion, I would not advise any of you to actually listen to this podcast. The fact that we have to give such a warning speaks volumes about the attitudes of those involved in this podcast.) During the...

Monday, September 22nd
Author(s): Jesse Johnson

One result of our culture’s post-modernism is its entirely modern love affair with its own view of science. Once-upon-a-time, the word science referred to the scientific process: verifiable propositions, experimental procedures, and reproducible observations. And today? Science may still mean that in the dictionary, but in popular culture? Not so much. Instead, the concept of science stands in for anti-supernaturalism with a political agenda—which I assume has probably always been the case to some extent. But today’s science seems marked by a very unscientific illogical and contradictory...

Monday, September 22nd
Author(s): Lyndon Unger

Do you attend the perfect church? No? Well, me neither. It’s definitely not news that Christians generally think their church isn’t exactly the model of the perfect church.  Everyone recognizes that there are a plethora of problems with their church, and for each problem there is a biblical solution that is both difficult and time consuming to implement, since churches are filled with people and every denomination has a joke about how many of their ilk it takes to “change a light bulb”. But, there’s one generic answer that always comes up and always sounds super spiritual:   We need to be...

Friday, September 19th
Author(s): Phyllis Schlafly

The strategists who base their political advice on public opinion polls have just had a surprise. A new poll reports that the American people are now more likely to trust Republicans to handle immigration and less likely to trust Democratic plans to offer illegals a path to citizenship (a.k.a. amnesty). Many people have believed this for some time. But it is now confirmed in a poll taken by the pro-amnesty Wall Street Journal, so it must be so. The new survey is decisive; 35 percent say the Republican Party would do a better job on immigration while only 27 percent say the Democrats would....

Friday, September 19th
Author(s): Cliff Kincaid

On the same day the Select Committee on Benghazi began hearings into the lessons of that terrorist attack, the House Republican leadership ignored one of those lessons by introducing and passing legislation to fund so-called “moderate” Islamic rebels in Syria who have terrorist ties.   The fateful decision means that the Republican Party has embraced a Democratic President’s plan to intervene in another civil war in the Middle East that could replicate the Benghazi fiasco, which resulted in four Americans being killed.   On a political level, it takes away one of the best issues the...


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