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Tuesday, August 26th
Topic: John Piper tweets support for Mark Driscoll. (Guest: Jesse Johnson) Piper must not know what the Biblical requirements are for a pastor and a church based on his public embracing of Driscoll...
Tuesday, August 26th
Guests: Usama Dakdok and Justin Peters. Topic: Why is Obama not taking the threat of Islam seriously? Who are some of the radical Muslims that work inside the Obama administration? Are any of the...
Monday, August 25th
Has Beth Moore Become a False Teacher? Brannon Howse and Justin Peters discuss this topic in light of Beth Moore's own words. Brannon plays video clips of Beth Moore that you must see if you want to ...
Thursday, August 21st
                                              Justin Peters in our Memphis, TN., TV Studio on August 21st, 2014.We helped Justin film 12 programs in two days for our fall 2014 programmingand now we...
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Tuesday, August 19th

April 2014 Army Manual Released on How To Deal with Civil Unrest in the United StatesClick here for PDF:  

Monday, August 18th
Author(s): Ken Ham

In 2011, hundreds of homeschool families reacted in shock as a particular homeschool convention kicked me off their program because I (with their permission) critiqued Peter Enns’s views on Genesis—but Peter Enns was kept in the conference. As a reminder, here is an article I wrote about that situation. Well, from time to time, Peter Enns has attacked AiG and me personally because of our stand on a literal Genesis. Peter Enns was suspended from Westminster Theological Seminary in 2008 over a book he wrote. He has worked with BioLogos, the leading proponent of compromising positions (such as...

Monday, August 18th

At one point in Pilgrims Progress, Christian and Hopeful seemed to have reached the bitter end. Giant Despair had thrown them into the dark dungeon of Doubting Castle. The two travelers had gotten off the true Way for a while and had been captured by the evil giant for trespassing on his land. From Wednesday morning to Saturday night they sat in darkness and despaired of life.   The situation worsened when, at the counsel of his wife, Giant Despair beat them horribly so that they could not even roll over. The next night he told them to kill themselves before he tore them limb from limb...

Monday, August 18th
Author(s): Dr. Thomas Ice

A new movie version of Tim LaHaye’s and Jerry Jenkins’ Left Behind novel is scheduled for release in movie theaters on October 3, 2014.  This version features Academy Award winner Nicolas Cage cast in the role of pilot Rayford Steele.  The announcement of this movie release has lead to a number of articles critical of the pretribulational rapture.  Morgan Lee produced a piece primarily quoting William Craig,[1] a Philosophy professor at historically pretribulational Talbot School of Theology in Southern California.  Another article appeared a week later: “Nine Reasons Why John Piper Disagrees...

Monday, August 18th
Author(s): Phyllis Schlafly

The highly acclaimed school standards called Common Core are becoming so unpopular that they may soon be politically untouchable. The critics are piling on from Glenn Beck to the Wall Street Journal, with senior academics and activist parents in between. The latest is a detailed criticism of the mathematics standards by a prize-winning math professor at the University of California at Berkeley, Marina Ratner. It is refreshing that her criticisms are very specific and include examples of assignments that parents can see are ridiculous.   Professor Ratner was alerted to the stupidity of Common...

Monday, August 18th
Author(s): Robert Knight

When I was 18, I thought I knew plenty about life and politics. I was wrong. My views had not yet been honed by the experience of trying to live on a paycheck that the government seized in order to hand much of it over to someone else. I also believed that people who created the monstrous federal bureaucracy really cared about the poor, even as their wrongheaded policies destroyed marriage and families and plunged urban centers into unimaginable violence. In short, I was easily manipulated by the welfare state's emotional appeals, just the sort of sucker that Rock the Vote is looking for...

Monday, August 18th
Author(s): Cliff Kincaid

“The images and scenes we continue to see in Ferguson resemble war more than traditional police action,” wrote [1] Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) in Time magazine. The allegations about the “militarization” of police were picked up by dozens of media outlets, on the left and right, and made the libertarian Republican Senator into a media darling. But they were designed to make the police look bad for protecting themselves and their community. It turns out that the “militarization of police” is a sensational term for police officer safety in the face of drug gangs, crazy gunmen and race riots. On...

Sunday, August 17th
Author(s): Michael Synder

Let’s be honest – Ferguson, Missouri is under military occupation right now, and the entire world is watching in horror as militarized police fire tear gas and rubber bullets at unarmed protesters.  Yes, the rioting and looting in Ferguson needed to be stopped.  If order had not been restored, more stores and businesses would have been destroyed.  However, there is no excuse for the brutal tactics now being employed.  At one point, police snipers were even using laser scopes to target protesters that were obviously unarmed.  Sadly, this is just a preview of what is coming to America in the...


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