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Tuesday, October 21st
Sunday, October 19th
WVW-TV Presents: The Lies About Islam in America’s Textbooks (Program 2) with Usama Dakdok:watch now as a ministry of Worldview Weekend and Worldview Weekend Foundation before it rolls into the...
Sunday, October 19th
In late August and early September, hospitals across the nation began reporting an explosion of severe respiratory illnesses among children. Children’s Hospital Colorado treated about 3,600 children...
Saturday, October 18th
Special Offer: Join the Worldview Weekend Situation Room at and we will send you 20 Worldview Weekend DVDs that have a retail value of $300. These are sent to you free of charge...
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Recent Articles

Thursday, October 9th
Author(s): Phyllis Schlafly

Of all the examples of incompetence and failure to protect Americans that the Obama Administration has displayed, its failure to keep Ebola out of our country may be the worst. Obama’s number-one job is to keep dangerous people from coming into America, and he has flunked the test. Ebola is a particularly horrible disease. Infected patients face a death rate of 25 to 90 percent. Long ago, our country designated Ellis Island as a place where people could be held until we decided whether or not to let them in. Disease is one of the major reasons why, over the years, thousands of people have...

Thursday, October 9th
Author(s): Cliff Kincaid

It’s amazing what people will do when they are selling books. Former Obama CIA director and Pentagon chief Leon Panetta is sounding like a war hawk in promoting Worthy Fights [1], his new book about the foreign policy disasters of the Obama administration. Obama has “lost his way,” Panetta says, hoping people won’t notice how Panetta guided the way for much of the time, from one disaster to another. When he took the CIA job, Panetta was known as a far-left California congressman who had worked feverishly to undermine [2] President Ronald Reagan’s anti-communist policies. Panetta was naïve,...

Thursday, October 9th

On December 31, 1995 something momentous happened.  Tim Lahaye and Jerry Jenkins released the book Left Behind, a fictional account of their (somewhat fanciful) ideas of what the rapture would be like, as well as the 7 years of tribulation that followed.  The book spawned a series that would ultimately involve 16 novels and would sell 65+ million copies.  Many people read the books, many people hated the books, and many people presented the books as the reason for rejecting various points of end times theology (properly known as eschatology) for the next 20 years (if I had a dime for every...

Monday, October 6th
Author(s): Worldview Weekend News Team

Worldview Weekend Newsletter for October 7, 2014 Click here to receive our weekly newsletter by e-mail:   Special Announcement:  Dr. John MacArthur to speak at Branson 2015 Worldview Weekend and Take Questions from the Audience.  Since posting this on our website this week, reservations for this conference have taken off. Don’t miss out, get your tickets today at:   WVW-Radio: Ebola, Political Correctness, Feminism, and the Secret ServiceTopics: Ebola, Political Correctness, Feminism, and the Secret Service Topic: With...

Monday, October 6th
Author(s): Jim Elliff

I understand that doubts can be a problem. But in the passage below, Jesus says there is something we must believe if we expect forgiveness for our sins. Zoom in now and note carefully what Christ says about belief: And He was saying to them, “You are from below, I am from above; you are of this world, I am not of this world. Therefore I said to you that you will die in your sins; for unless you believe that I am He, you will die in your sins.” John 8:23-24 Belief in Christ may include many things, yet here is the starting place for all believers. If you don’t believe this, you are still in...

Monday, October 6th
Author(s): Michael Synder

  Ebola, Marburg, Enterovirus and Chikungunya - these diseases were not even on the radar of most people coming into 2014, but now each one of them is making headline news.  So why is this happening?  Why are so many deadly diseases breaking out all over the world right now?  Is there some kind of a connection, or is the fact that so many horrible diseases are arising all at once just a giant coincidence?  And this could be just the beginning.  For example, there are now more than a million cases of Chikungunya in Central and South America, and authorities are projecting that there will be...

Monday, October 6th
Author(s): Clint Archer

In 2005 the American Film Institute voted that the best movie line of all time was the one that Clarke Gable deftly delivered as the character Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind. If you endured all four hours of melodrama you’ll certainly recall his parting dismissal of Scarlett O’Hara’s whiny interrogative, “Where shall I go, what shall I do?” Rhett rewardingly utters the words on the mind of every male viewer who is still awake, served with the cool and immortal preamble: “Frankly, my dear …” The Motion Picture Association’s production code was fortuitously amended a mere month prior to the...

Monday, October 6th
Author(s): Michael Synder

Why does Barack Obama refuse to take even the most basic steps to protect Americans from Ebola?  Even though it has already been demonstrated that Ebola can be brought over to the United States by a passenger on an airplane, Obama refuses to do anything that would even restrict air travel from nations where Ebola is spiraling out of control.  Back in September, Obama said that it was "unlikely" that any individual with Ebola could get through the "extensive screening" at our airports and pose a threat to the general population.  But he was wrong.  That has already happened.  And yet the...


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