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Friday, July 25th
Probability and Evolution   Many people believe that evolution really happened and that life originated by purely naturalistic means and humans evolved over millions of years from some ape-like...
Thursday, July 24th
When the world’s attention shifted to Ukraine and Israel last week, the Islamic leaders in Iraq capitalized on the distraction. For weeks the functional government in central Iraq (ISIS) had told...
Wednesday, July 23rd
A lifehack is a trick that makes common activities easier and more profitable. With many lifehacks, once you try them they seem common sense, and every other way of doing the same thing—even the way...
Tuesday, July 22nd
Adam and Eve were the only two human beings (apart from Christ) to enter into life with a will that was truly free. Unlike every one of their descendants, they alone began life with the ability to...
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Recent Articles

Thursday, July 10th

Thank you for helping reach the ranking of the top 72,000 out of all the millions of websites in the United States of America. We also rank in the top 372,000 of all the websites in the world.As the world’s premiere Biblical worldview web-based radio and television network we are pleased to announce that this fall we will be launching at least two new television programs produced and distributed by Worldview Weekend and Worldview Weekend Foundation.These two programs will include the Justin Peters Television program and The Tommy Ice Television program. Each of these...

Wednesday, July 9th
Author(s): Michael Synder

Is there any doubt that we are living in a bubble economy?  At this moment in the United States we are simultaneously experiencing a stock market bubble, a government debt bubble, a corporate bond bubble, a bubble in San Francisco real estate, a farmland bubble, a derivatives bubble and a student loan debt bubble.  And of course similar things could be said about most of the rest of the planet as well.  In fact, the total amount of government debt around the world has risen by about 40 percent just since the last recession.  But it is never sustainable when asset prices and debt levels...

Monday, July 7th
Author(s): Jim Elliff

The following questions are not intended for short answers such as a mere “yes”, but are a means to meaningful discussion between a man and a woman who have vowed to love each other “until death do us part.” Take your time to talk them over. Let the conversation flow. You may answer these questions in any order you wish, or all at one time. Two rules apply: First, be painfully honest. Nothing much has happened to improve marriages without truthfulness. Second, be calm, peaceful, accepting, and eager to listen with your ears and your eyes as the discussion goes on. Do all you can not to be...

Monday, July 7th
Author(s): Steve Burchett

When my first child was just a baby, I’m sure my mindset was something like, “I might have 18 to 20 years with this gift from God. That’s plenty of time to train her up in the way she should go (Proverbs 22:6).” But the older she and her siblings get, the more I find myself saying, “Where has all the time gone? They are getting so big, so quickly!” I have yet to meet a conscientious parent who didn’t feel the same way.   Of course, the ultimate desire of believing parents is that their children become followers of Jesus Christ. This is an urgent matter that requires diligently teaching them...

Monday, July 7th

The Biblical Fruit of a Spiritually Mature Believer (Part Two). Watch this program before it rolls into the Situation Room for members only. Click here to watch now on demand:

Monday, July 7th
Author(s): Clint Archer

Spiritual warfare is real. It might not make the news; but it ought to. Paul acknowledges this in Ephesians 6:12 For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. But the weapons of this warfare are often somewhat misunderstood. In some church circles, for example, it is commonplace to hear pastors and their people talk of “binding Satan” or “renouncing the devil’s presence” or some such display of confidence. Here are three reasons I...

Monday, July 7th
Author(s): Jesse Johnson

The Protestant Reformation threw the Christian world into chaos. At the beginning of the 1400’s the Pope’s authority was absolute and the only means of salvation were the sacraments given under his auspices. There was a secular/sacred distinction that was ironclad, meaning that the priests and laity lived in practically two separate worlds. There was no concept of church membership, corporate worship, preaching, or Bible reading in the churches. And as far as doctrine was concerned, there was no debate—the creeds and declarations from Rome (and soon to be Avignon) were the law. Things had...

Sunday, July 6th
Author(s): Roger Aronoff

Former Senator Howard Baker (R-TN) passed away last week at the age of 88. Although Sen. Baker served as Ronald Reagan’s Chief of Staff, and Senate Majority Leader, he is perhaps best known for his famous line asked during the Watergate investigation: “My primary thesis is still, what did the president know, and when did he know it? [1]” Given the number of scandals facing the Obama administration today, this question has a haunting quality, not only for President Richard Nixon but also for President Barack Obama. What did President Obama know, and when did he know it? “What’s forgotten...


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