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Tuesday, October 28th
So, tonight, Twisted Scripture Number 43, which happens to be the verse John 17:21.  Now, this verse is used out of context all the time by a lot of people pushing ecumenicalism.  This is a favorite...
Tuesday, October 28th
New Radio and TV Programs Launched. Big week here at WVW-Radio and WVW-TV. We have these new exclusive programs of which most are produced by WVW-Radio & TV. Thank you for supporting our...
Tuesday, October 28th
No Compromise TV with Mike Abendroth (Inaugural Program) filmed from our Memphis, TN studio: Watch this program now before it...
Tuesday, October 28th
WVWHour: Self-Righteousness, God's Role in Salvation, How to Stay Spiritually Immature & More with Guest Mike Abendroth
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Recent Articles

Monday, February 19th
Author(s): Jim Elliff

Note: I am offering this piece to follow up the other article on church life recently posted on CWN, "Is It Really Necessary to Join a Church?" In the light of some of your comments, I thought you would find it interesting to know that I have helped to found a home-based church. As an important aside, note that I have no interest in or desire for the emerging church pattern. It is fraught with problems. However, after many years in church leadership, and after preaching nationally and internationally in churches and conferences for 40 years of ministry, I've come to believe that the home...

Monday, February 19th
Author(s): Walter Martin

Stand Up for Jesus!by Walter Martin  When we see idolatry, we are supposed to be provoked.  When we see evil, we are supposed to get exercised about it.  If you can calmly walk through this upholstered cesspool of earth; if you can see evil, filth, degeneracy, and hear vile language; if you can see the corruption of the media and the perversion of the gospel; if you can see the multiple forms of idolatry-the worship of things and of the creation more than the Creator; if you can see this today and you are not provoked about it, then you are not in touch with God the Holy Spirit.  The Holy...

Monday, February 19th
Author(s): Gregory Koukl

Faith or Facts       I don't like the word "faith."  Not because faith isn't valuable, but because it's often deeply misunderstood.  "Faith" in this twisted sense is what you use when all reason is against you.  It's religious wishful thinking, in which one squeezes out spiritual hope by intense acts of sheer will.  People of "faith" believe the impossible.  People of "faith" believe that which is contrary to fact.  People of "faith" believe that which is contrary to evidence.  People of "faith" ignore reality.        I think part of the confusion is because Christians are often told to...

Thursday, February 15th
Author(s): Steve Cornell

 Note From Editor: This month U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee, D-Texas introduced a bill in Congress (H.R. 254) which if passed would extend an already dangerous policy of federal "hate crime" law to include "sexual orientation, gender [and] disability." Certain types of speech could be declared hate speech. A pastor, talk-show host, conference speaker or commentator could be charged with a federal crime for expressing their personal or religious believes about homosexuality. Currently in Canada, a pastor or broadcaster that speaks against homosexuality, even from a Scriptural basis, can be...

Thursday, February 15th
Author(s): Bob DeWaay

Defining the Believer's Biblical Call to Judge Part 2By Bob DeWaay This is part two in a three part series of articles which examine various passages from the New Testament concerning believers making judgments. The purpose of these articles is to help believers use discernment while avoiding making judgments about things they cannot know. We will begin part 2 by explaining the often misunderstood passage in Matthew about judging by fruit.  You Will Know Them by Their Fruits – Matthew 7 Jesus' teaching that, "You will know them by their fruits," is well known and often repeated. What is...

Thursday, February 15th
Author(s): Jill Martin Rische

Good Morning America Anchor Slams Jesus!by Jill Martin RischeWhy is it that some people in America think it's A-Okay to slam Christianity? Worse than that, it's actually part of their daily vocabulary. They tiptoe around every other religion, but Christians are fair game. This morning on Good Morning America, co-anchor Robin Roberts proved the truth of this. In the middle of interviewing Stephen King's son, Joe Hill, about his new horror book she remarked, "So, will it scare the bejesus out of you?" Yes, that's right. Good Morning America. Apparently Roberts feels comfortable with this...

Wednesday, February 14th

                  All the Lack of Truth Not Fit to Print     Why is this story buried? I'll answer that in a minute. The media is majoring in minors right now but that does not excuse them for underreporting and not reporting accurately about the shopping mall potential massacre this week. Several lost their lives and many more could have without the intervention of an off-duty policeman. Did you know that those gunned down were done so by an 18-year-old Muslim who was "perhaps traumatized from his experiences in Bosnia"?Why should this media suppression surprise us? World Net Daily reports...

Tuesday, February 13th
Author(s): Brannon Howse

 Article by Phil Johnson on Brian McLaren. are posting this link because it is a great article. In addition one of our columnist wrote an article about Brian McLaren a few weeks ago and sited some quotes from Phil's research. For whatever reason this brand new columnist did not footnote the source as being from Mr. Johnson's article. Once we were made aware of this fact we deleted the article in question and asked this new columnist to be more careful in the future.  


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