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Saturday, December 20th
NoCo TV: How Not To Be Deceived & The Dangers of Numerology. Watch now before this rolls into for members only. Click here to watch now:
Friday, December 19th
Is This A Church or a Broadway Show? What Would Jesus Say About a Flying Santa Claus, Snowmen, Dancing Santas & a Circus Mentality? Click here to see it all in this Fox News story:https://www....
Wednesday, December 17th
Georgetown Professor and Mentor of Bill Clinton, Carroll Quigley, explained how Cecil Rhodes would use his vast fortune to begin organizations and the Rhodes scholarship program, of which Clinton was...
Tuesday, December 16th
Check Out This Demo of the Situation Room! Over $50,000 in Biblical Resources for just $74.99 a year or $7.99 a year.  The Worldview Weekend Situation Room is where members understand the times...
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Recent Articles

Tuesday, March 13th
Author(s): J. Michael Sharman

The Sudden Death of Inconvenient TruthsSudden Death Syndrome, The Clintons And The Soviets  J. Michael Sharman            On February 27, 2007, Russian journalist Ivan Safronov told colleagues that he was writing an article on Russia's secret sale of missiles to Syria and air defense systems to Iran. Because this combination would be capable of launching missiles into Israel, the balance of power in the Middle East would immediately shift to the Arab world if Russia is able to complete its planned arms sales.[1]      Three days later, Ivan Safronov died as a result of a fall from a fifth...

Monday, March 12th
Author(s): David Wills

Tony Campolo's 'Gospel'By David R. Wills I was there.  It's been seven years ago, but I still remember the effect Tony Campolo had on the standing-room only crowd at Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  He personified the phrase 'magnetic personality'.  To be sure, there seemed to be an almost tangible force animating him.  His energy was palpable, and he used it skillfully to lead his audience-as if in tow-through a rapidly changing panorama of emotion ranging from laughter to tears and back again.  Such a masterly display of charisma, I knew was an art that came by much practice...

Monday, March 12th
Author(s): Jim Elliff

An Argument for Learning Jim Elliff Wise men store up knowledge...Proverbs 10:14a            One of the immense edifices on the skyline of Christian history over the last hundred years was the eminent leader, Dr. Martyn Lloyd Jones (1899-1981). He is noteworthy not only because he was a great preacher and the pastor of Westminster Chapel of London, but also because of his zest for learning. Having begun as a physician of exceptional quality, he carried over into his Christianity and ministry this unceasing hunger to know more. From a delightful little book entitled Martyn Lloyd Jones, The Man...

Monday, March 12th
Author(s): Robert Meyer

Why Christians aren't redeeming the cultureBy Robert Meyer  Perhaps you are one of those people who often wonder how come there are so many professing Christians in America, yet the culture is deteriorating like a timber foundation infested with termites and dry rot. My own recent experience is a nut shell illustration of the principle problem.Last fall, my state was one of several to offer a binding voter referendum defining the parameters of legal marriage. Our local Unitarian Universalist fellowship placed up a large banner under the sign identifying the location of their organization. The...

Monday, March 12th
Author(s): Steve Cornell

Steve CornellIs all war evil? Although most people are willing to recognize that some wars are necessary, they see them only as necessary evils. Many Christians agree that, "…resorting to force in certain situations is 'necessary' to save the lives of victims of injustice (including ourselves). Yet such actions are also held to be 'evil' because warlike acts are 'inhuman' and do not follow the model of Christian living found in the life of Jesus" (Darrell Cole, Good Wars, First Things, October 2001).Those who think this way put war in the category of "dirty hands" morality. "The thought here...

Sunday, March 11th
Author(s): Steve Cornell

By Steve CornellA popular gospel tract offers the reader "God's love and wonderful plan for your life." Those who come to God assuming to receive this love and wonderful plan, risk serious misunderstanding of God's methods and purposes with His Children.This is especially true for those who think God's love and plan will keep them or immediately deliver them from the trials of life. They soon learn that God's plan is not what they expected. They discover that although God frequently helps and rescues His children in times of adversity, He does not guarantee protection from hardships. In fact...

Sunday, March 11th
Author(s): Jason Carlson

Emerging vs. Emergent Churches: Clearing up the ConfusionBy Jason Carlson  What is the difference between the "emerging" church and the "emergent" church?  In recent years these two terms, often used interchangeably, have raised much confusion, consternation, and debate within the Christian community.  Are these terms synonymous?  Should we differentiate them?  And should the movements they represent concern us? To answer these questions I would like to briefly describe some of the key differences, as I see them, between these two terms- "emerging" and "emergent".  I will propose that...

Sunday, March 11th
Author(s): Russ Wise

 The Secret: Creating One's RealityBy Russ Wise Part Two Master Teachings The Secret is revealed through some of the most high-profile individuals of our day. They include such notables as Jack Canfield, author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series of books. Jack is a thirty-year veteran of metaphysics and helps individuals achieve their personal goals by helping them understand The Law of Attraction.  Another teacher is Neale Donald Walsch.13 He is known for his book trilogy, Conversations with God. He, too, is a student of metaphysics and teaches that man is Divine. John Gray is best...


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