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Friday, December 19th
Is This A Church or a Broadway Show? What Would Jesus Say About a Flying Santa Claus, Snowmen, Dancing Santas & a Circus Mentality? Click here to see it all in this Fox News story:https://www....
Wednesday, December 17th
Georgetown Professor and Mentor of Bill Clinton, Carroll Quigley, explained how Cecil Rhodes would use his vast fortune to begin organizations and the Rhodes scholarship program, of which Clinton was...
Tuesday, December 16th
Check Out This Demo of the Situation Room! Over $50,000 in Biblical Resources for just $74.99 a year or $7.99 a year.  The Worldview Weekend Situation Room is where members understand the times...
Tuesday, December 16th
This year for my church’s Christmas concert, we didn’t do what we traditionally have done–in years past we would do music with a gospel presentation from a pastor. This year instead of a pastor...
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Recent Articles

Friday, March 9th
Author(s): Steve Camp

Tough Love for Evangelicalsby Steve CampPlastinated, Plastic and Popular The face of evangelicalism has been altered so dramatically that it looks "doctrinally disfigured" suffering from one too many "botox injections" of pragmaticism and ecumenism; with severe "soteriological 'nips and tucks'" that gifted "plastic surgeons" skilled with the scalpel of New Perspectivism, Inclusivism, Open Theism and Postmodernism have cut away so much of authentic gospel "tissue" that what's left is just a synthetic, artificial "message-manikin." The "religious legislative laser technicians" have almost...

Friday, March 9th
Author(s): Larry Pratt

For Immediate ReleaseContact Eddie Isler or Ellie McDaniel(703) 321-8585Gun Owners of America Praises Overturn of DC Gun Ban"For 31 years, the DC gun ban has been the criminal classes best friend.  DC victims have been legally disarmed and helpless in the face of savagery from home invaders and street assailants," said Larry Pratt about today's ruling by the DC Court of Appeals overturning the DC law."DC has been home to the nation's highest murder rate for most of the 31 years of the gun ban.  DC's politicians - and the Congress as well - never wanted to admit that their law was killing...

Friday, March 9th

The Cost of ContendingBy Jan Markell  Those of us who speak or write publicly do so knowing there will be a cost.  Somebody is always upset with us. But don't think this is being written to gain sympathy for "poor Jan."  My skin has gotten pretty thick.  Also, those of you who write uplifting e-mails and letters so outweigh the negative that the nasties pale in significance.  Even so, let me proceed. Contending for the faith comes with a price. It can be losing ministry donations, being verbally maligned, being labeled, scoffed at, and much more.  As I share my...

Thursday, March 8th
Author(s): Charley Adams

Preparing for Our Culture's FutureOn the last Sunday in January, Dr. John Piper began a mini-series of sermons on the topic of marriage. (The sermons are available at Desiring God Ministries, either in text, audio, or video format.) My purpose here isn't to enter into the topic of marriage, but to key off of two things he said in his introduction regarding what our culture is like and what its probable future is. They support and build upon my last article.In the first quote (actually the second in the order of the sermon), Pastor Piper says, "The fact that we live in a society that can even...

Thursday, March 8th
Author(s): Brannon Howse

 NINTH CIRCUIT DECLARES RIGHT OF GOVERNMENT TO CENSOR THE TERMS "NATURAL FAMILY," "MARRIAGE" & "FAMILY VALUES"Click on this link to read this article and then come back to our site to leave your feedback:

Thursday, March 8th
Author(s): Paul Kengor

Hating RickBy Dr. Paul Kengor Back in November, on the heels of the landslide defeat of Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) by Democratic challenger Bob Casey, Jr., I wrote an article recalling the first time I met Santorum. I intended the piece to be a personal recollection, with some analysis of polling data, and concluding with the point that Santorum-despite the crushing margin-should never be underestimated. This is a man capable of surprising victories. The article was carried by several local and national sources, including the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. I didn't expect much feedback, figuring...

Thursday, March 8th
Author(s): Steve Cornell

Parenting–How to raise a juvenile DelinquentBy Steve CornellThe alarm has sounded. "The risk is just too great," says psychologist Elizabeth Gershoff. What risk? Damage done to children who are spanked by their parents. "Expert" opinion has once again issued a warning. Do you want to produce aggressive, anti-social behavior and mental health problems in your children? If you spank them, we're told, you risk such consequences. After five years of analyzing 88 studies of corporal punishment from 1938 to the present, Gershoff, a researcher at ColumbiaUniversity's NationalCenter for Children in...

Wednesday, March 7th
Author(s): Peter Jones

The Two Faces of AmericaI wrote this Newscwipp from the solitude of a mountain-top retreat overlooking San Jose, Costa Rica. There, while teaching five hundred local pastors, I was spared the conflicts, unrest, moral posturing, and pure meanness of American social and political life. I escaped the barrage of images of American soldiers relishing sexual and masochistic mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners. Upbeat, President Bush reassured us that such behavior is not the true face of America-but which face is true? Vicious antagonism is surely not "politics as usual." Fissures so deep in the body...


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