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Friday, July 25th
  A few weeks ago we reported to you that Worldview was in the top 72,000 of all the websites in American and top 372,000 in the world. NOW this week we rank in the top 61,000 in American...
Friday, July 25th
Probability and Evolution   Many people believe that evolution really happened and that life originated by purely naturalistic means and humans evolved over millions of years from some ape-like...
Thursday, July 24th
When the world’s attention shifted to Ukraine and Israel last week, the Islamic leaders in Iraq capitalized on the distraction. For weeks the functional government in central Iraq (ISIS) had told...
Wednesday, July 23rd
A lifehack is a trick that makes common activities easier and more profitable. With many lifehacks, once you try them they seem common sense, and every other way of doing the same thing—even the way...
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