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Monday, April 14th
~~Worldview Weekend Hour TV: 16 Reasons Why The Word of Faith and Church of Rome Can Merge as Envisioned By Pope Francis and Kenneth Copeland (Part Two)Click here to watch now on demand until...
Friday, April 11th
~~Yesterday  I argued that mercy ministry that is done through the local church is not only biblical, but it is more effective than other alternatives.   For starters, every biblical instance of...
Monday, April 7th
~~~~This is an excerpt of Brannon’s latest book, Twisted Scripture, Twisted Theology: Untwisting the Most Commonly Distorted Scriptures That Lead to Bad Theology and an Unbiblical Worldview. This...
Monday, April 7th
~~The BioLogos Foundation is committed to trying to get the church to reconcile evolution with the Bible. In 2012 BioLogos offered grants through their Evolution and Christian Faith program to people...
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