The TSA Is Planning To Implement Facial Recognition Technology At Airports

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  • Elon Musk announces the first human trial for his Neuralink brain implant ended in success. What does this mean for the future of humanity?
  • The TSA will be expanding its intrusive facial recognition technology, bringing it to more than 400 U.S. airports against the wishes of a group of U.S. senators who say it’s a blatant violation of passenger privacy.
  • UPS is cutting a whopping 12,000 jobs after reporting dismal 2023 revenues. 
  • Another meat-processing plant burns to the ground under mysterious circumstances.
  • And a Montana couple has lost custody of their 14-year-old daughter after resisting a gender transition encouraged by a hospital.

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report.

We lead off tonight with a report from Just the News that Elon Musk has announced the first human to receive his Neuralink brain implant is recovering and initial results were “promising.”

Musk posted Monday on X:

“The first human received an implant from Neuralink yesterday and is recovering well. Initial results show promising neuron spike detection.”

Neuralink hardware aims to create a digital interface with the brain. Musk has previously touted the equipment as a potential method for treating those with paralysis. 

Musk posted in September:

“In the long term, Neuralink hopes to play a role in AI civilizational risk reduction by improving human to AI (and human to human) bandwidth by several orders of magnitude. Imagine if Stephen Hawking had had this.”

In a follow-up post, he likened the technology to the mechanical hand that Luke Skywalker received in the1980 film The Empire Strikes Back.

The primary aim of the technology is to permit paralytics to interact with digital devices via their thoughts, according to The Hill.

Reactions to Musk's Monday announcement were decidedly mixed, with many X users celebrating the potential breakthrough and others expressing concerns, often pointing to dystopian fiction works that depict similar technologies. Digital interfaces with the brain appear in a litany of science fiction franchises, including Star Trek and The Matrix.


UPS plans to eliminate nearly 12,000 jobs following a massive year-over-year decline in revenue, company officials told USA TODAY on Tuesday, January 30.

The workforce reduction is part of an effort to align resources in 2024 and will save the company nearly $1 billion, the Atlanta-based company's CEO Carole Tomé said on a company earnings call.

Tomé said in a statement released Tuesday by the company:

“2023 was a unique and difficult year and through it all we remained focused on controlling what we could control, stayed on strategy and strengthened our foundation for future growth.”

UPS Director of Financial and Strategy Communications Brian Hughes confirmed the layoffs to USA TODAY.

Hughes wrote in an email:

“In 2023, dynamic external and economic conditions led to lower volume and a more than $9 billion decline in revenue year over year.”


Despite complaints from several members of Congress, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is moving forward with plans to implement facial-recognition technology at U.S. airports. In collaboration with the Department of Homeland Security’s research and development component, the TSA aims to enhance Credential Authentication Technology (CAT) devices that were deployed several years ago.

The latest CAT scanners, known as CAT-2 units, incorporate facial recognition technology by capturing real-time pictures of travelers and comparing them against their photo IDs. These units have been deployed at nearly 30 airports nationwide and will now be rolled out at more than 400 federalized airports in the coming years. 

As of now, participation in facial recognition screenings is supposedly optional for travelers, who can choose to undergo the standard ID verification process instead. But there have been countless firsthand accounts from airport passengers who have indicated that they were not given any option to reject the face scans.

The CAT-2 units utilize one-to-one verification, comparing photos against government-issued identification. They say they delete the images from their system soon after taking them in, if you believe that. 

According to MSN: “The TSA emphasizes that photos are not stored after a positive ID match, except during limited testing for evaluating technology effectiveness. This testing involves a block of two to four weeks at specific locations, with data collected and submitted to the DHS Science and Technology Directorate for independent analysis.”

A bipartisan group of senators, led by Senators John Kennedy and Jeff Merkley, introduced legislation in November 2023 to ban TSA from using facial recognition, citing privacy concerns. The government’s increasing reliance on facial recognition has prompted calls for regulations around its wider use.


Another food processing plant has gone up in flames.

A massive fire engulfed the Feather Crest Farms chicken processing plant, located east of Kurten, Texas, in Brazos County, on January 29-30.

The fire caused widespread alarm and prompted a massive response from multiple fire departments.

The sound of explosions could be heard going off as the blaze ripped through the building.


The fire, which was reported just after 5 p.m. on Monday near Fickey Road east of Kurten, has become a major concern for local authorities and residents.

At approximately 6:30 p.m., Bryan Texas Utilities announced that, in order to ensure the safety of firefighters responding to the fire, system operators would be temporarily disconnecting service for approximately 140 customers.

Early reports indicate that the fire has consumed a building and several tanks on the premises of Feather Crest Farms. Eyewitnesses reported hearing a loud explosion prior to the outbreak of the fire, suggesting a possible cause, although this has yet to be confirmed by officials.

As you can see from this footage, the fire continued to burn throughout the night and into the morning of Tuesday, January 30.


The Gateway Pundit reported there is no information available regarding potential injuries or on what may have caused the fire. Investigators are on the scene to determine the origins of the blaze and whether the reported explosions played a role in its escalation.

Residents downwind of the blaze have been advised to remain in their homes and follow safety instructions issued by local authorities.


A Montana couple has lost custody of their 14-year-old daughter after resisting a gender transition encouraged by a local hospital.

The Gateway Pundit reports that Montana’s Child Protective Services has been accused of forcibly transporting a 14-year-old girl from her family in Montana to Wyoming for gender transition treatment.

Todd and Krista Kolstad have been embroiled in a legal and emotional struggle for their daughter after Montana CPS took drastic action that appears to have been a form of kidnapping.

In August 2023 their daughter was transported by Montana CPS across state lines to neighboring Wyoming, a state with laws that allow a child to transition from one gender to another without parental consent. She was sent there for treatment of a sudden onset of gender dysphoria, despite the parents’ express disapproval.

Police informed the Kolstads of a text message from their daughter claiming she was suicidal. They were notified by police that their daughter had allegedly ingested drain cleaner and taken an overdose of ibuprofen.

Todd Kolstad, a U.S. Air Force veteran, said in a video, “Our 14-year-old daughter has struggled for quite some time in school from bullying. We have had many meetings over the years with the school systems trying to address these issues.”

“We even moved from Flathead County in west Montana to a much smaller town in Valley County in east Montana, hoping that this will give our daughter a fresh start in a new school system and new environment. On August 18, 2023, we received a call from our local city police. We were informed that our 14-year-old daughter was texting a friend that she had met at a school track meet, saying she wanted to kill herself.”

She was taken to a hospital which found no evidence of drain cleaner and ibuprofen, which was later confirmed by a negative toxicology report. Despite this, the girl, who now wished to be called “Leo” and use male pronouns, was admitted for observation, during which the staff ignored the Kolstads’ objections based on their faith and values.

The hospital staff addressed the girl as Leo against her parents’ wishes.

Montana CPS and hospital staff consistently dismissed the Kolstads’ concerns and authority as parents. Despite their willingness to provide mental health care, their daughter was eventually transported to Wyoming for treatment.

Following her transport to Wyoming, the Kolstads’ daughter was subjected to social transition measures like chest binding and is now under consultation for birth control and chemical puberty blockers.

The Kolstad family is now seeking funds for a private attorney to regain custody of their daughter, and donations are being solicited through a GiveSendGo campaign.


The Momence High School community is in mourning following the sudden death of a healthy ninth-grade student during a junior varsity basketball game on Thursday evening, January 25.

Amari Crite, 14, tragically passed away after collapsing on the court.


According to the Daily Journal in Kankakee, Illinois, Amari was playing defense when she suddenly collapsed.

The exact cause of her death remains unknown and is currently under investigation by the Kankakee County Coroner’s Office, who stated that the cause of death is pending further study.

Superintendent Shannon Anderson released a statement expressing the profound sorrow felt throughout the school district:

“We are deeply saddened to confirm the heartbreaking news of the passing of one of our 9th-grade students on January 25, 2024. Our thoughts and condolences go out to the family and friends affected by this tragic loss. At this time, we are prioritizing the well-being of our students, staff, and the broader school community. Mental health and counseling support will be available in all buildings on January 26 and as needed in the coming days and weeks to assist those who may be grappling with the emotional impact of this tragedy.”

He basically told the media not to even cover the story, citing privacy considerations, and added that, “Our primary focus right now is on supporting one another and providing the necessary resources for our community to cope with this loss. We ask for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.”

In response to the tragedy, Amari Crite’s family has established a GoFundMe page to assist with funeral expenses. 


Amanda Davies, an actress known for her role in the One Life to Live daytime soap opera, has died suddenly at the age of 42, the Daily Mail reports.

Davies played the teenage version of her real-life mother Erika Slezak‘s character, Victoria 'Viki' Lord, on the popular ABC soap opera. 

The Daytime Emmy-winning actress, 77, confirmed her daughter's passing on Monday, January 29, via her website, sharing that the TV star passed “very suddenly” of unknown causes. 

The message read:

“It is with great sadness that I share the news of the passing of Erika's daughter Amanda Elizabeth Davies, who died very suddenly. The family is heartbroken and would appreciate privacy at this time.”


Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey announced on X that he will file suit against the Biden regime following the news that an Al-Shabab Islamic terrorist crossed over Biden’s open border and roamed free in the United States for nearly a year before his arrest.

Andrew Bailey tweeted this out on Monday.

AG Andrew Bailey: I didn’t serve in the United States Army during the War on Terror just to sit by and allow terrorists into our nation because Joe Biden refuses to secure the border. See you in court, POTUS.

The Daily Caller reported on the Al-Shabab terrorist who was apprehended at the open southern border and then released inside the United States.


The Gateway Pundit reports that Carlos Bolsonaro, a Rio de Janeiro city councilman and son of former conservative Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, became the target of a search and seizure operation conducted by the Federal Police on Monday, January 29. Law enforcement agents carried out the operation at both his residence and parliamentary office.

The action was authorized by Supreme Federal Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes, a jurist known to be at odds with supporters of former President Bolsonaro and recognized for his staunch criticism of right-wing ideologies.

The Federal Police, now under the leadership of the government headed by the communist Lula da Silva, faces accusations of targeting conservative opposition figures in Brazil. Just a few days ago, two conservative deputies from Jair Bolsonaro’s party were also subjects of police operations.

An ongoing investigation is probing alleged illegal surveillance of authorities by the Brazilian Intelligence Agency during Bolsonaro’s presidency.

The latest Federal Police operation occurred a day after a “Super Live” event featuring Jair Bolsonaro and his sons. The live stream garnered up to 400,000 simultaneous viewers.

During the broadcast, Jair Bolsonaro introduced a new political training course and provided strategies for conservative voters to select candidates in the 2024 local elections in Brazil.

The individuals under investigation may face charges of unauthorized access to someone else’s computer system, involvement in a criminal organization, and interception of telecommunications, computer, or telematic communications without judicial authorization or for purposes not permitted by law.

Conservatives accuse the Supreme Federal Court of engaging in a “fishing expedition,” a practice prohibited in Brazil.

Jair Bolsonaro criticized the operation, dubbing the Federal Police as the “Gestapo.” At the time of the operation, he was fishing with his sons and returned home around 11 a.m., where they were met by federal agents.


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

Following in Italy’s footsteps, the French Parliament is considering proposals to outlaw the sale of lab-grown and cell-cultured meats, following similar arguments that were raised Italy, which include tarnishing French tradition and damaging animal husbandry practices in the country.

The Winepress News reports that the Les Républicains party introduced a proposal last month and has since gained more traction.

As reported by Green Queen at the time: “The bill proposes it be forbidden to produce, process or market cultured meat in the country ‘in the interests of human health, animal health and the environment,’” arguing that companies in this space justify themselves by presenting their products as alternatives to “low-quality imported meat produced in poor environmental and animal welfare conditions. But replacing ‘junk food’ with another ‘junk food’ is not progress, it argues.”

That sounds like common sense.

The bill in its current form would not prevent these fake meat imports from other EU member states.

Former French Food and Agriculture Minister Julien Denormandie said during a parliamentary debate that, “cellular meat, which I also call fake meat – in other words, a leg of lamb without lamb, a chicken breast without chicken – is, in my eyes, a total loss of direction for our society. Only a science without a conscience could consider laboratory, test-tube meat as a solution.”

Ingredients Network also noted in a recent report that the party’s stance comes as a report by the French Senate, on behalf of the Economic Affairs Committee on cellular foods, urges vigilance to better supervise and master the technology.

The report goes on to outline a series of recommendations that include affirming in law the principle of prohibiting all marketing, as long as the products are not authorized within the framework of the European novel foods regulation.

The report included a whole host of recommendations for the committees responsible for food in the European Parliament and in national parliaments for authorization to place any new food on the market.

One thing I can say for certain: As bad as this technology is, it will be more tightly regulated and come with more transparency in the E.U. than in the U.S.

In the U.S., the FDA has already greenlighted the mass production of lab-grown chickens with no questions asked.

The Europeans take food safety much more seriously than we do here in the U.S. Most of our FDA officials are on the take.

Why do I say that?

Because if you look at the record of their behavior, many of them take government jobs where it’s an unwritten rule that if you rubber stamp the requests of Big Agriculture and Big Pharma you will be offered a high-paying job by those same corporations after you’ve served your term on the FDA. It’s a corrupt process, and one that’s simply not legal in so many other countries. Congress needs to pass a law that shuts down the proverbial revolving door of government corruption and greed. There needs to be a hard line of separation between government regulators and the companies they regulate.

This would seem to be common sense. But Congress refuses to act. Follow the money and it becomes obvious why that is. Big Pharma and Big Ag are among the top tier of donors throwing money at congressional campaigns.

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report.

Thanks for watching and supporting this viewer-supported broadcast.

Until next time…

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